Debbie Little
91727 Sunnyside Road
Warrenton, OR  97146
JULY 2024 

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

There has been a change in the Mentoring for Leadership Program this year.  Mentoring is no longer a stand-alone program; it is encompassed under the Extension and Revitalization program.



A portion of my job this year as your Chief of Staff is to make sure that you have a healthy auxiliary.  It is important for your auxiliary to know if you are a green light, yellow light or red-light auxiliary.  Each auxiliary President will receive copies of the Healthy Auxiliary Tool kit.  At your next meeting, a discussion should be held to determine your auxiliary’s status, Green, Yellow or Red light.  I am here to help those of you who are identifying as a yellow light or red-light auxiliary.


I will have more information to share after the National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky this month.  I am excited to be the Chief of Staff for President Duggan this year and to make all of Oregon’s auxiliaries, green-light auxiliaries.