MAY 2023

 Greetings Brothers and Sisters, 

My journey as your Department Senior Vice President has almost come to an end. In about six weeks we will be at convention and hopefully I will be elected as your Department President. 

This year has been full of learning experiences. Unfortunately, I have learned how to close an auxiliary because a post was closed, I have learned how to cancel a charter because the auxiliary members can no longer participate, and I have learned how to place an auxiliary on suspension. These were all hard decisions made by the President and her line officers, but they were necessary. 

However, in the positive, I have learned how to take the steps to open a new auxiliary, mentor an auxiliary so they elect officers and get rejuvenated and how to share inspiration with others. 

As your Senior Vice President I attended Sr. Vice President training in Kansas City, MO in March. I learned so much from our national line officers and administrative staff. The VFW also presented during our training; we truly are working together at the National level. Prior to my Sr. Vice Training I attended the Legislative Conference in Washington DC and the Parade of Winners for the Voice of Democracy essay contest. I enjoyed going to Capitol Hill and meeting with Oregon’s Representatives and Senators. The evening of the Parade of Winners was fantastic to see our future on the faces of the winners. 

I was able to host a two-day retreat in March for my Program Chairmen at Camp Rilea Training Site command in Warrenton. We spent two days getting to know each other, our programs and sharing ideas on how to make Oregon shine this year. We even played a rousing game of Auxiliary Jeopardy. 

Just last weekend, I hosted a retreat for those who will be my line officers if elected. I rented a house in Prairie City (near John Day) for the weekend. We talked about many subjects, Leadership, Customer Service, Teamwork, Training Academies, Convention, and lots of other topics. I want you to know you have an amazing group of line officers representing Oregon. 

I look forward to the coming year and serving our Auxiliaries and Posts. 


Cookie Little 



APRIL 2023

My year as Jr. Vice President is coming to an end although it seems like it just started.  I want to thank each one of you for your support.  It was a real learning experience on how the wheels of our organization work in sync.  I have learned the difference between the local auxiliary, the district, and the department audits and how our budget works.  My go to for information was my Podium By-Laws and Ritual and Building on the Foundation.  Everything you need to know is there BUT there are also many wise members who share the information with you.  Never be afraid to ask.  We are all equal status; we ALL are here doing the same thing, SUPPORTING OUR VETERANS. I had a great time doing my first Department Representative at a District Meeting, my first National Convention and wow what a learning experience.  Everyone regardless if you are a Line Officer or not should attend a National Convention it is wonderful. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed this year and am looking forward to the next step next year.  The communications up and down the line was so much better this year and I am hoping you all felt informed as t what was happening.  We lost some great mentors from our organization this year but the left us with many fine memories. 

Thank you all for your support and lets all continue to work together to strengthen this great organization.  Hope to see you all at Department Convention June 8-10 in Canyonville, OR. 

Many blessings and much appreciation

Deb Duggan

Department of Oregon Jr. Vice President








 Good afternoon, Sisters and Brothers

As the year 2022 comes to an end I want to thank everyone for their support for me as I entered into my first year as a Line Officer.  It is a rewarding and learning experience.  I look forward to working with you in the coming months as I progress in my role as Department of Oregon Jr. Vice President.  I hope to serve you proudly.

I am wishing each and every member a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.  Looking forward to seeing many of you at Mid-Winter in Eugene February 3-5, 2023.  Safe travels during your holidays.

Deb Duggan

Department of Oregon Jr. Vice President