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"Let us be ever mindful of our duties as members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Auxiliary, to see that our Flag is never desecrated and to teach the people of this land what this means and to see that all are instructed in the pledge to the Flag.”

Hopefully you are learning this and can recite it at your meetings. It is important to know what this means. Key words are ever mindful, Flag is never desecrated, teach the people, see that all are instructed in the pledge.

I believe if all members were more familiar with the different parts of an Auxiliary meeting the meetings would go smoother and you would get more done during the meeting.

Because not enough members show up at the meetings, the Chaplain serves as Chaplain and Patriotic Instructor. During the opening ceremonies the Chaplain and Patriotic Instructor advance to the alter at the same time. After the Chaplain opens the Bible and waits for the President to say, "The Chaplain will now offer the opening prayer:, and the "Parade rest.” He/she gives the Opening Prayer. Then if the Chaplain is filling both positions, wait until the President says "Attention!” the Patriotic Instructor talks.(See above) then the President will give the command to salute and give pledge to the Flag.

Afterwards the President will tell the officers to take their stations. After the officers are back at their respective stations, then the President will rap three times. I have noticed that some members forget this part of the meeting.

Are you remembering to maintain a record of all patriotic days and initiate programs for their proper observance and perform such other duties as the President may require? See page 92 in the Bylaws part of your Bylaws and Ritual Book.



•      October 2, 1967 – Thurgood Marshall is first black American appointed to Supreme Court.

•       October 2, 1967 -U.S. Court upheld 18-year old voting rights.

•      October 1-, 1913 ­- President Wilson pressed Washington button to open Panama Canal.

•      October 12, 1492 - Columbus discovered America.

•      October 13, 1792 – Cornerstone of White House laid by President George Washington.

•      October 18, 1921 – Congress ratified peace treaty with Germany and Austria, ending WWI.

•      October 18, 1967 – U.S, and Russian satellites reached planet Venus.

•      October 19, 1951 – WWII ended formally between U.S. And Germany.

•      October 20, 1964 – President Herbert Hoover, 31st President died.

•      October 22, 1962 – President Kennedy quarantined Cuba on discovery of missile bases there.

•      October 25, 1971 – Communist Cuba is given United Nations seat.

•      October 26, 1953 – Korean war armistice talks began.

•      October 28, 1886 – Statue of Liberty, gift from French Republic, was unveiled.

•      October 29, 1929 – Stock market crash, beginning of worst depression in U.S. History.

•      October 29, 1929 – Supreme Court ordered immediate school integration.

•      October 31, 1864 – Nevada admitted to the Union as the 36th State.

Have a great month and try to look in your book prior to each meeting. Also don't forget to report when you do something special on any of the above dates. Sent your report to the Department Americanism Chair, Debra Duggan. If you read this paper at your meeting, report.


More information you didn't know you needed to know. HAHA

I will give you a little history of the VFW and Cross of Malta just because.

The current Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States traces its roots back to 1899. That year, Veterans of the Spanish-American War (1898) and the Philippine Insurrection (1899-1902) founded local organizations to secure rights and benefits for their service. In Columbus, Ohio, they founded the American Veterans of Foreign Service. In Denver, CO, they organized the Colorado Society, Army of the Philippines.

 In 1901, Philippine Veterans in  Altoona and Pittsburgh, PA, started the Philippine War Veterans. The following year, Philadelphia, PA, became the home of the American Veterans of the Philippine and China Wars. In 1905, these three groups merged with the American Veterans of Foreign Service.

In 1913, the American Veterans of Foreign Service was amalgamated with the Colorado Society, Army of the Philippines and became the Army of the Philippine-Cuba and Puerto Rico, then changed their name to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

 The Veterans of Foreign Wars selected the Cross of Malta emblem. Looking closely you will see the eight-pointed Maltese Cross. Upon the Cross is superimposed the Great Seal of the United States, encircled by the name, "Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.”

Within the circle is the American eagle, the emblem of a proud nation whose warriors of many generations have fought and sacrificed to preserve the free man's way of living.

Between the four arms of the Cross, the Veterans of Foreign Wars has added the sun's rays to emphasize the vigor and warmth with which the present day brotherhood defends our ideals.

 Ever time you put on your official clothing, just remember what all this stands for. Teach others so they have a better understanding of what we do and why we are proud and happy to do it.

I ask you to read this information during Committee time and write that you read it and to how many members. You can report this on your monthly Americanism Report. It would be nice if you would send me a message that you did it. Please ask your membership if there is anything different that pertains to Patriotic Instructor they would like to read about.

 Patriotic Instructors, please get good at your position and memorize the opening statement you say at each meeting. I will have a special something for you at the end of the year. Fill me in.