Debra Duggan

PO Box 143

Richland, OR 97870

MAY 2024

 Greetings Brothers and Sisters



Here we are in the last month of the 2023-2024 year.  This year it has passed in the blink of an eye. It seems like my Senior Vice President year just started and here it is in the final weeks.  It has been an awesome year as I learn the rope for my next year as Your President. I attended the C.A.F.E. in Salt Lake City, UT with National President Carla Martinez.  We visited the Golden Spike State Park where the East meets the West. 


We attended Western Conference in Salt Lake City, UT, and Mid-Winter Conference in Portland, OR.  Both were interesting and fun.  Mid-Winter was the fabulous Voice of Democracy and the wonderful essays these young adults shared.  Congratulation to one and all for the great essays.  Each entrant deserves recognition as you are all winners.


This year I attended my Senior Vice conference in Kansas City, MO, and wow what an awesome learning experience.  It did make me feel I was ready to take my next step in our wonderful Organization.  The new ideas and learning experiences. 


I was able to attend a couple of District Meetings in auxiliaries I have never been in.  What a warm and wonderful welcome I received.  It was interesting to see how you each work together to make this a stronger organization. 


Thank you to all my Mentors these past years.  I have learned so much from you all and I know I will continue to look to you for future guidance.


See you all at our Department Convention in Canyonville at the Seven Feathers Casino June 13-15.  I am excited and nervous for the upcoming year.