Valorie Wrinkle


 May Article


This has been an interesting year serving as your Department Secretary. I have learned a lot! One of the things I have learned that I want to remind Secretaries at all levels of is that MALTA should be your first stop when you are looking for forms, such as Installation reports or Delegate forms. As a Secretary, when you log in to MALTA you see a tab called "Duties.” To see what kind of forms and other information are available to you, scroll down and review everything on that page. You will see near the bottom of the page that you can click on something called "Officer Resources.” In there you will find many of the forms you need to do your job, such as the Installation form. I have had to send this form to many of you, which I do not mind doing, but in the future, you can save time for yourself by using this resource. Do not be afraid to explore everything available to you on MALTA. It is a wonderful tool!


I have also had Secretaries ask me where to find the Warrant for elections. That is a form that is no longer in use. All you need is the Installation form.


I am still waiting for some of you to send me a copy of the Installation form. I need this form for Department records, but also so I can complete the Department Roster for next year. I want to be as accurate as possible, and I need your Installation form (the long form please,) to make that happen.


You can input your newly elected officers in MALTA yourself by going to your Duties tab and clicking on "Officers/Installations.” There you will see your current officers. At the upper right corner, there is a blue box with the words "Enter Installation Report.” This is where you enter your new officers. You can choose "Save & Close” as you go along. When you are finished entering all the new officers and they have been installed, click on "Save & Continue.” The system will walk you through the rest. Just remember, you still need to send me a copy of the signed Installation form. If you have problems navigating MALTA, be sure to let me know so I can do input the installation information for you.


I also need your Department Delegate forms. Delegates must be elected at least 30 days before the Department Convention, which starts on June 13. Send a copy of the form and a check payable to the Dept of Oregon VFWA to Department Treasurer Sonya Sallee for your delegate fees. You can email a copy to me or send it by snail mail. If you want your Auxiliary to be able to vote at the Convention, I must have those forms and Sonya must have your check. You need one delegate and one alternate for every 15 members (or fraction thereof) you have at the time of election. I send the forms out to all Presidents and Secretaries, but if you need another copy let me know.


Delegates for National Convention are done through MALTA. This is also found under the "Duties” tab. For National, you need one delegate and one alternate for every 50 members (or fraction thereof) at the time of election. There is no fee for National delegates. Keep in mind that if your Auxiliary does not register any delegates for National, your Auxiliary will not have a vote at the Convention.


I have emailed forms to your Presidents and Secretaries to make sure everyone had them. I have also responded as quickly as possible to anyone who asked for copies, even though they were already provided. I would rather send out multiple copies than have an Auxiliary or District Secretary not be able to do their job.

If any of you need help with anything, please call or email me. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Part of my job as Department Secretary is to help you be successful. My phone number is 541-678-3894 and my email is Let’s finish this year on a high note!


Here is hope spring will eventually arrive and that I get to see you at our Department Convention next month!