Valorie Wrinkle



October 2023


Hello to all my Auxiliary brothers and sisters!

I had a chance to visit with some of you at the Training Academies in August. We tried a new format this year and it was very successful. We had good participation from the Auxiliary members, and I think we all learned a lot.

I have been sending out new Roster pages whenever we have a change or correction. It seems that the Roster is always changing for one reason or another. Please help us by keeping your information current. If there are any changes to officers, meeting times or locations, or dues amounts, I need to know so I can share it with everyone and so I can keep National up to date.

If no one from your Auxiliary attended the Training Academies, I mailed the rosters and program book to your President. Presidents, please be sure to give one roster to your secretary and one to your Treasurer. The third copy is for you. The Program book should be taken apart and copies of each program given to your chairman for that program. District Presidents, you received a joint roster and two copies of the Auxiliary roster. The joint roster is for our use and the two Auxiliary rosters are for your Secretary and Treasurer. I also sent you new District President folders with forms you can use for your Auxiliary inspections. Please call me if you have any questions about those folders.

The Department website is our main form of communication, so please be sure to check it frequently for any news. The new website address is Lisa Lyons and President Cookie are doing a great job keeping it up to date. Don’t forget that you can also send items in to be put on the website. If your Auxiliary is doing something great that you want to share or if you want to invite others to an event, send it to Cookie or Lisa to add to the website. This is a great communication tool, but only if you actually use it!

I hope you will feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Secretary duties or if you need help navigating the website.