Debby Fawver
PO Box 435
Siletz, Or  97380 
May 2023 
 Hello members. May is upon us. Remember to fly flags on May 1, Loyalty Day, May 5 Missing and murdered Indigenous People remembrance, May 6 Military Spouses Day, May 8, VE Day 1945, Mothers Day is the second Sunday, third Saturday is Armed Forces Day, and May 30 Memorial Day. There should be no problem honoring and celebrating something during May. REPORT!

The 2023-2024 theme for Voice of Democracy contest is "What Are the Greatest Attributes of Our Democracy?”and the theme for Patriot's Pen is "How Are You Inspired by America?” You can go on line and download and print the necessary forms and rules. Get this information to the schools before the end of their school year. This allows children to have more time to complete their essays. REPORT!
It is important to welcome members of consolidated Auxiliaries to meetings and remember to include them in projects. We can only grow if we are willing to water and fertilize relationships. Son shine will help people to grow and blossom.
Department Convention is fast approaching. Please consider attending this event. The Department can't help and complete projects if the members don't reach out and ask for help, attend meetings, and are willing to assist others. This is not an organization of one.
According to the Standing Rules listed in the Roster, each year the District Secretaries are to make sure a copy of their meetings are sent to the Department President and Department Secretary within 10 days of the District meeting. It is # 24 on the last page. Check it out.
On page 43 #6 - All vouchers must be submitted within thirty days of travel, service, or events for the Department of Oregon.
Make sure you are reading all information that is put on the Department website If an article you submitted is not put on the site, contact Lisa the webmaster and possible you will need to resend. You make sure that it was received.
Officers, appointed positions and any member who wants to know more about this organization, take advantage of all the resources that are at your disposal. Don't sit around and wait for someone to contact you. Be a self-starter and seek. Keep in contact with others.
District Presidents, make sure you are doing your job. If anyone takes a position and doesn't see what the position entails, shame on you.
If you have questions after reading and checking the resources and don't ask for clarification, shame on you. All District meeting should be completed by this date, except District 5 which has been extended to May 15.
Officers who attended District meetings to see that the elections were completed, it is important you send your District inspection report forms to me and to Janie.
I look forward to seeing as many members as possible at the Department Convention in June at Seven Feathers Casino and Convention Hall. Finish this year with a positive note.
We will continue to make Oregon shine and will help 'almost President' Debbie Little complete her year with a positive note.
Continue to Bee All You Can Be for Veterans and Their Families. Thank you for all you have accomplished this year. Keep working to increase membership. We can't stop our momentum.
President Debby Fawver