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We are in the middle of the busiest time of year.  So much to do during this time do not forget about your Auxiliary.  Revitalize and Rejuvenate your Auxiliary during this time of year by reaching out and touching the members you haven’t seen at meetings.  Do this by sending a thinking of you card or giving them a phone call.  Check with your Auxiliary Treasurer and see who needs help paying their dues.  Be a Dues Angel.   Did everyone you recruited pay their dues or do they need help.  Remember #8 of the Red Flag Warnings is membership growth!  Will your Auxiliary be 100% by December 31?

Do not forget to mentor all your new members.  Offer to pick them up for your auxiliary meetings.  Always call and give them a special invite to your next event or gathering.  Make sure your newest members feel welcome to attend.

If you recruited family members to join your auxiliary bring them in as Life Members.  Do not put the burden on your Auxiliary Treasurer to collect dues from your family members.

Remember every member needs to feel that their involvement is necessary for the success of the Auxiliary.  Show them our Hearts are United for Veterans.


July 2023 was busy for this Chief of Staff, August 2023 was busier, and September is looking even …. well, you get the picture.  This Department of Oregon is working hard to keep our Auxiliaries strong.

 July took me to Arizona and the National Convention where I met my National Chief of Staff, Penny Hurt.  There I learned about RED FLAG Auxiliaries and how to help them.  I also experienced 118-degree weather.  During July I worked with two Auxiliaries hoping to make them stronger.

I attended all three Training Academies in August covering 800 miles of this beautiful state.  What a wonderful turnout of Auxiliary members.  I gave out red flags with the eight questions on them that they need to ask their Auxiliaries to see if they have any nos.  One NO is a RED FLAG Warning.   They were asked to contact the Chief of Staff, if they have a no.  I had lots of questions from our members, which is good.   And our National President, Carla Martinez visit to Oregon was so much fun!  So many turned out to meet and greet Carla, just shows how great our state is this year.  Our Auxiliaries want to succeed and be stronger for our veterans.

September I will be traveling with our Department President, Debbie "Cookie” Little, and our Department Secretary, Valerie Wrinkle to visit Auxiliaries and attend the National CAFÉ in Utah at the Golden Spike National Park.  I will also make my first presentation to a Bachelor Post on why they need an Auxiliary.  This is going to be a rewarding month.

Fall is here and with the start of a new school year it is time to refresh our Auxiliaries.

Planning all our activities can be exciting, if many hands are helping.  Now is time to revitalize our Auxiliaries.  How can we do that?  Start with the Red Flag Warnings.  Have a conversation at your next Auxiliary meeting.  Ask your members these eight (8) questions:


1)     Are you conducting at least 10 meetings per year?                                 yes or no

2)    Do you have good attendance at your monthly meetings?                       yes or no

3)    Are you completing the required paperwork in a timely manner?           yes or no

4)    Do you elect new Officers or re-elect the same members?yes (new) or no (re-elect)

5)    Your Officers, Chairmen & members work as a team?                            yes or no

6)    Do you have member involvement, input during meetings?                   yes or no

7)    Are you participating in the National Department Programs?                 yes or no

8)    Is your growing in membership:                                                              yes or no


One "NO” is a RED FLAG!

 Have a "NO”?  What to do next?  CALL your Chief of Staff NOW!  Your Department is here to help,