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MAY 2023-B

These two reports are to complete the minimum reports that National Ambassador needs from the State of Oregon.

 There comes a time when Posts need and want to have an

Auxiliary. The steps to make sure this is done correctly are as follows:

 A VFW Post must vote by 2/3 majority to have an Auxiliary. (An Auxiliary can never exist on its own without a Post and can never be started without that Post's permission).

The Department President appoints the official organizer of the auxiliary, and he/she must be a member of the Auxiliary.

•      It would help to allow two others who are knowledgeable with Auxiliary business and work well with others to be on an organizing team. They can answer questions and assist with training, educating and mentoring the new Auxiliary once it is instituted. It is recommended that the organizer and the organizing team work with the Auxiliary and its members for at least a year, or until they are ready to proceed as an Auxiliary in good standing.


A minimum of 15 eligible applicants must be on the application for the Charter. Transfers are accepted at the close of the institution and just prior to the installation of the newly-formed Auxiliary.


The Department Chief of Staff could assist by providing the following tools for the organizer and organizing team:

•      Talking points for the first meeting.

•      A procedure for membership applications.

•      When and how to collect dues.

•      Assist in securing and filling out official and proper paperwork.

•      See that deadlines and filings are met in a timely manner.

•      For more information on this topic, see Article ll of the VFW Auxiliary Podium Edition: Bylaws and Ritual.

MAY 2023

Maintaining current Auxiliaries is the goal  that should be continued as well as to help Posts welcome new auxiliaries.


Below is a list of 5 essentials for an Auxiliary:


•     Auxiliaries should have at least ten business meetings per year (Sec.210), five members in good standing of that Auxiliary shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. (Sec. 212).

•     Dues should be paid by at least ten members on or before February 1 of the current year. (Sec. 207).

•     Quarterly Audits by Trustees  must be submitted. (Sec. 814).

•     Officers elected, installed and reported to national Headquarters no later than June 30. this generates the bond application via email. (sec. 804A and 806A).

•     The offices of President and Treasurer MUST be bonded by August 31.

 The Healthy Auxiliary Tool Kit includes seven resources to assist Auxiliaries in identifying and solving issues:

•     Healthy auxiliary Checklist

•     Healthy Auxiliary Member Questionnaire

•     Auxiliary Meeting Clinic

•     Communication Phone/Text Tree

•     Good Job Certificate

•     Healthy Auxiliary Certificate

•     VFW Auxiliary Mentoring Guide

Building on the VFW Auxiliary Foundation is a great tool to educate members on all aspects of the duties of Officers at all levels, how to be a Chairman and the why of reporting, etc.



Greeting Brothers and Sisters,

Winter is here and by now you have paid your obligations to Department and sent reports to

 the program chairmen. Ways and Means [50/50] tickets have been bought and money sent to

Sonya and tickets to Linda Rose, Good Luck! 

Now that we will be inside more it’s a good time to call our members that have not been

coming to meetings to check on them and see what we can do for them and what would they

like to do for the Auxiliary. Remember we are Brothers and Sisters and need to look out for

one another. Also, it is a good time to share information with all members. As the cold days of

winter don’t forget to look after yourself so that we can all keep up our work for the Veterans.

See you all at the Midwinter conference in February.

Have a save and Happy New Year.