Debby Fawver
PO Box 435
Siletz, OR  97380
MARCH 2024

The program year is almost over. Thanks to the auxiliaries who have submitted reports to me. I will be calling the auxiliaries who have not sent anything to me. Please look forward to answering my call.

There is a very important opportunity in November to cast your vote. Start asking people if they are registered to vote. Let them know that the deadlines to register to vote are as follows:

•      In person: 21 days before election day.

•      By mail: postmarked 21 days before election day.

•      Online: 21 days before election day.

Remember to contact your elected officials at the State level and at the National level. They need to know what their constituents want from them. They are elected by the people and work for us.

Please continue to work hard for Oregon and help to make it shine. Check Action Corp and continue to help people sign up to receive the information. Remember THE WEST IS THE BEST!

Take care and keep the reports coming. I need the Year End report before the 5th of April then keep track of what the auxiliary does so that information can be sent to the new chairman during Deb Duggan's year.