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 MAY 2023


 Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

 This will be my last article as your Scholarship Chairman.  As I said in my first article, I was so excited to be Scholarship Chairman again this year.  We had a fantastic year.

 First, I would like to congratulate our two Continuing Education Scholarship winners, John Osgood and Sydney Overholt.  Both were recipients of a $1000 scholarship.  I still wish we had more people to take advantage of this opportunity.

In March, I attended the Legislative Conference in Washington D.C.  During conference the National VFW host the Department winners across the country of the Voice of Democracy essay contest.  The winners are treated to a wonderful time in D.C. prior to the Parade of Winners event.  It was so exciting to witness all the youth receiving scholarships in addition to what they won in their home state.  Future leaders of our country for sure.

Lastly, I have sent the Department of Oregon’s winning entry off to National VFW Auxiliary for judging in the Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest.   I received a total of 8 art pieces for the contest.  Sadly, Oregon did not have anyone participate in the 3rd Dimensional Art Contest this year.  I have high hopes for next year.

Here is a quick recap of our Scholarship year:

32 Auxiliaries participated in the Scholarship Program

19 Auxiliaries promoted the Continuing Education Scholarship Contest

23 Auxiliaries promoted the Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest

8   Auxiliaries sent in art for judging at the Department level

29 Auxiliaries assisted their Posts in promoting the Voice of Democracy Audio Contest

30 Auxiliaries assisted their Posts in promoting the Patriots Pen Essay Contest

At the Auxiliary, District and Department level, Oregon presented $25,536 in awards for the 2022-2023 Scholarship Year. 

Thank you all for your support in the Scholarship Program.  I love this program and hope to chair it again someday.