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MAY 2024


 What a wonderful year we have had.  Thank you for all of your donations, the applications you handed out, the time you spent judging them and all that is involved in promoting and following through on this program.  Because of your efforts the lives of several young people have been enriched.  The Patriot’s Pen, Voice of Democracy, Young American Creative Patriotic Art, The Oregon Continuing Education Scholarship all of these have made a difference in those young people who entered their submissions whether they won or not.  You have made a difference.  Thank you is not enough but thank you for your support of our youth.


Now,  let’s start planning for next year.  The Theme for the 2024-2025 year for the Patriot’s Pen is "My Voice in America’s Democracy?” and for the Voice of Democracy it is "Is America Today Our Forefathers’ Vision?”


Let’s go out and make a difference in a new batch of young people’s lives.