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Well, we did not make it to 100% by the end of the year but we are still working on it, every time I look at our numbers, we are growing every day.  As of this writing we are at 97.41%, we only need 118 to be 100%+.  I know that we can get there just need to get some more new members and get some of our at large members into an auxiliary.  As of this time we have twenty auxiliaries that are at 100% or above.  Many of them are 100%+ which is very nice.  We have twelve auxiliaries that have less than 5 members to be paid to be 100%.  I am not sure if you know or not but National will pay you $50 if your auxiliary is 100% by June 30th, 2024, so if you pay the percapita of the members that you have, the money will be back in your account by the end of the year.  We have some auxiliaries that have not paid any of their dues as of yet and they need to call those members and see if they would like to pay, or the auxiliary could cover them to start with.

We have three auxiliaries that closed at the end of the last presidents year and many of the members have not gone into another auxiliary, they are in the at large group. If you know any of these members, please contact them and have them transfer into an active auxiliary. The auxiliaries that closed are 2471,3970 and 9744. Please contact those members and get them to transfer, for the members that are still annual members, it is going to cost them a lot more money to be annual members as right now being an at large member it is $40.00/year and next year it will go up in price. If anyone would like the list so that they can send members a letter, please let me know. We would like to keep those members in auxiliaries instead of at large members. Please talk to me about this at Mid-Winter and we can get something taken care of.

There are three of our auxiliaries that have over fifteen members that have not paid their dues for the next year. I know that some of those auxiliaries do not have a lot of money to pay for these members even though they may be older and need some help. I know quite a few members that would help pay for your members that need help with their dues. If you have some members that you would like to have help with their dues, please let me know and I will get with my dues angels and get the dues paid. We need to help some of our older members, it is the right thing to do.

If you have not sent me your dues angels list for this year so far, please either email it to me or bring it to MidWinter and I will get them ready for Saturday. Remember we are giving out 2- $50.00 dues angels prizes at Mid-Winter and Department Convention. It is a good thing to do, to help our members that need help.

If you are thinking about having a membership booth at an event in your area and need some help with it, please let me know and we will get someone there to help you with it.  When you do have those membership booths, please make sure that you send me a monthly report for it, I haven’t had to many reports in the past few months.  Cannot wait to see you all at Mid-Winter.

January 2024

What can I say except Wow!!! about the increase in Membership this month. My article last month showed that we were at 93.17% on the end of November and today the department is at 96.49%!!!! We only need 159 members to be 100%, that’s like a drop in the bucket that we needed when we started this journey in July. Thank you all for your hard work. It’s nice to see our numbers getting larger and larger every day. We have quite a few auxiliaries that only need a few members to become 100% for the year.  These are the totals that each auxiliary needs to be 100%. #4248- needs 15, #3182-needs 1, #6102-need 3, #1383- need 17, #12141- needs 1, #293-needs 2, #3232- needs 4, #3965-need 2, #584-need 2, #732-need 1, #3237-need 26, #180-need 7, #1324- need 7, #3973- need 4, #4273- need 1, #6057- need 5 and #4211- need 3. There are so many of the auxiliaries that are so close, please consider getting the ones that are left for your auxiliary to do some dues angels to help take care of your members.

We had two winners of the membership incentive for the month of November. On the 11th a ticket was drawn for Let’er Buck #922 for a $100.00 prize for being 100%+. Then on November 30th, the ticket was drawn, and Winston #9745 won the other $100.00 that was donated for this gift. A lot of auxiliaries paid their dues during the month of November to get in that last drawing and thank you all very much.

If you have any dues angels that you haven’t sent into the me, please get them sent in so that I can have the tickets made up for Mid-Winter conference. Remember we will have two $25.00 winners for dues angels. If your auxiliary paid for some of your members, please send them in also, they can win the $25.00 also.

Please if you have any bazaars or community event, set up a membership booth, we need to start getting new members involved in this organization. Get a roster from your quartermaster of the Post members and see if any of them have wives, mothers or sisters that are eligible to become members. We need to find new members to help this organization and by getting other family members it will help us grow.