Sonya Sallee
673 W Sandpiper Avenue
Hermiston, OR  97838

Phone- 541-701-0496

What an amazing few months, have been so busy with things that not sure which way is up.  Two Academies doing my program, it was great to see the new people and the groups that we had attending. Then I had the Pendleton Roundup with a recruiting table set up for 4 days, we didn’t get any new members but talked a lot about our programs and told them about some of the activities that we had coming up soon with the auxiliary. 

I went to Salt Lake City with Debra, Debbie, Valorie, and Jackie for this year’s CAFÉ. It was very informative, and I learned something about the history of the railroad.  Talked to many members and learned some new ways to work on my program and to get more people interested.

Since I got home, I have had 1 Zoom meeting and having another one soon.  I would like to have more meetings with our members and hopefully they will start asking more questions.  We did discuss how to get members more interested in the auxiliary and how to get more younger members involved with our organization.  I open the meetings to anything, and I think that many people enjoy them.  This is something that I would like to continue this year.

We are really doing very well with our membership; we are currently at 86.94% and we need 592 new or rejoin members to be 100%+.  We have 3 Auxiliaries that are 100%+ and 3 that are at 100% currently.  We have 7 auxiliaries that only need 9 or less to be 100%.  We are getting so close at some places we just need to push a little more. If you only have a few members left to pay their dues, please do a phone tree, and talk to the members, maybe they need a little assistance to get their dues paid or if they are old enough, maybe the auxiliary should just pay their dues for them.

If you would like a copy of the at large list so that you can find people that are in your area that may want to join your auxiliary please let me know, we have had some success with getting some of our at large to convert to life and to transfer to one of the auxiliaries in the Department.

Well, the Western Conference is still leading in the membership count, but Oregon is riding in the middle of the pack.  We need to start getting some dues paid or some new members in our auxiliaries.  It is getting close to bazaar time so please get a table and start telling everyone what a great organization this is and what we do for our veterans.