Debra Duggan
PO Box143
Richland, OR  97870
April 2023 

First, I want to thank our President Debby Fawver for asking me to be one of her chairpersons and giving me the opportunity to do this program.  This year is coming to an end for the programs for this year.  BUT make sure you keep notes or lists of what your auxiliaries are continuing to do to help your communities for next year’s reports.  This year’s reports are in but start now for next year.  I want to thank those that turned in reports monthly or quarterly.

As your Program Chair for Auxiliary Outreach, I attended 3 academies, published letters for our website, reached out to many to coach them on how this program worked.  I have enjoyed every moment of it.   

I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard at our Programs.  Auxiliary Outreach is relatively new and something that we all do on a regular basis, help when the need is there.  I want to commend our brothers and sisters who turned in program reports.  Over half of our auxiliaries participated.  The reporting was outstanding, all the different community partners we worked with was impressive.   This is one of the easier Programs that we have.  We were not looking for donations but we were looking for your helping hands and caring hearts to reach out in your community and ask "Hey how can we help?”  Remember it is not the auxiliary participation but it is the working for the organization.  They are your boss or leader; you are the worker bee to help make the project successful. 

This is what the VFW Auxiliary does, it helps and supports our Veteran’s and our communities.  With getting over the COVID era there were many organizations looking for help.  Thank you one and all for stepping up to the plate.  Thank you for your time, effort and volunteering.  You are all appreciated throughout your communities.


Deb Duggan

Department of Oregon

Auxiliary Outreach Chair

MARCH 2023

Good afternoon, Sisters, and Brothers                     


Wow here it is March already.  You still have about a month to get your reports for Auxiliary Outreach in to me.  Mid-Winter was great and was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and some new ones.  Gentle reminder to get your Year-End-Report into me no LATER then April 5, 2023. 

Remember awards your Auxiliary can win a Citation to every Auxiliary that partners with another organization within their community.  Citations will be mailed directly to participating Auxiliaries from National Headquarters.  A Citation and $25 to one Auxiliary I each of the 4 Conferences….  You can find this Award Sheet in Malta under Member Resources at the top of the page.  Please enter your Auxiliary, remember this recommendation is to be completed by March, 31, 2023 and to me to be signed and forwarded on to National Auxiliary Outreach Ambassador Laurie Lukas and she receives it prior to April 30, 2023 for judging.  This award is presented at the National Convention.  Let us keep Oregon on the map.  Every entry will be signed and sent in.  Please take time to fill this out.  If you need I can email you a copy of the form.

I know we have some awesome people out there doing awesome things WITH their communities.  Please share and tell me about them.  Remember "NO MONEY” just hard work and your caring hands.

Looking forward to seeing all the awesome reports

Thank you and keep up the fabulous work

Deb Duggan

Department of Oregon

Auxiliary Outreach Chair

December 2022

Merry Christmas Sisters and Brothers

Thank you all who have sent in some wonderful reports. Wow is the only thing I can say for all you have

done for our Veteran’s and our Auxiliaries. I am honored to be your Auxiliary Outreach Chairperson. I

am looking forward to what your next projects are and all the wonderful things you are doing to support

your community.

As the year of 2022 comes to a close, I am reflecting back on the year. I am thankful for the old friends I

have had and the new friends that I gotten to know. Looking forward to seeing what 2023 brings us. I

wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe Happy and Blessed New Year.