Megan Malpass (9745)

PO Box 987

Winston, OR  97496



MAY 2024


Dear VFW Auxiliary Family,                                                                               


I pray that you are well and enjoying your accomplishment of submitting all those Year-End Reports.  I know I am!



After a second or third audit per an Auxiliary to check for donated value item corrections, I now have our final statistics for our Hospital Program as a Department! 

Thanks to Madame Dept Treasure Sonya, I have records of payments for not just the Obligation Fund, but other monetary donations to our VA and Veteran State Facilities. I checked to see which Auxiliaries reported their Hospital Obligation Fund to me and any other hospital monetary donations; they are a recognized project.  I want to give a special thanks to the following that did: 922 Let ‘Er Buck- Pendleton, 3965 Springfield, 4039 Creswell, 12140 Lawrence Alberti- Lake Oswego. 



Please do not fret if your Auxiliary did not report their donations in your monthly hospital reports, as I created appended reports for all that did not. It really made a difference in our bottom line.  This is another helpful reason why sending your monetary donations to our Dept Treasurer to be sent on to specific Hospital Facilities. I noticed that most that did such, had sent their allocations the same dates that their obligation dues were sent.  So please get that in your monthly report this incoming year. It is also fine for your treasurer to make a report for hospital too.



The values for 2023-2024 Dept Hospital Program spent volunteering at and for projects to a Medical/Assisted Living/Rehabilitation Facilities are: 4,915.51 Hours; 25,232.79 Miles driven; $69,234.65. Excellent job family!  I am proud of you.  I am also grateful for your volunteer nominations and citations that have been sent on to National.



The current Crafted Hospital Items Monetary Values List is available on our Dept Website, under Resources. There is more detail with dimensions and what is being accepted by medical facilities.  Please remember that this is an evolving list and to constructively communicate recommendations to your Hospital Chairman or directly to your incoming Department Hospital Chairman.  I plan to help our incoming Dept Chair with patterns for the fabric sewed items, such as the CPAP hose cover.  I have a draft of a pattern that I put together myself, and I love my CPAP hose cover.   This is also a great fundraiser too, as there are more people being properly diagnosed for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Compliant CPAP use saves lives, and a decorative/comfortable cover can help increase usage.  OSA is a very common condition for our Afghanistan and up Veterans with Toxic Exposure, Nicotine use, and Obesity from Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD.  



Looking forward to seeing, celebrating with, and hugging y’all at Convention in June.




I have had appreciated input from some of our sisters that make these items.  The values list will be improved to what is being made and given. I want to send a personal thank you to Dolores Talmadge, Janie Wills, Sandra Christopher, and Jan Mosely for their time with this subject.  Also thank you to those that I have called, texted, and emailed for follow-up questions on report details.




Although the service fiscal year is completed, please continue to send me your reports and I will pass them on to our next Hospital Chairman.   It is much easier for you to record/send and for us chairman to review, inquire and process reports month by month verses multiple.  This also helps significantly with accuracy, not double counting figures. Please continue to keep an eye on our website, as I may have new program information in May and June until our incoming Chairman takes the lead.




I am excited for us and our sister, as she has much to offer that will make our program and projects stronger.  She has mentored me for this chairmanship from the beginning. We continue to converse on how to bring new, fun, and easier ideas for the program. 






Thank you for your genuine and diligent service for Hospital. I am grateful to my fellow chairman and line officers for bringing ideas for new projects.  We work as a team to strengthen the whole, not just our own chairmanship.  My dearest thanks to Madam President Debbie for granting and supporting me in this position, and to all of you that serve our Veteran Patients and Residents.  




Looking forward to seeing you at Convention.



Yours Loyally,