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First, I want to thank those participating and sending the Preemie and Angel Baby yarned hats and blankets.  Miss Colleen has reported a good amount coming her way to distribute to OHSU.  You can also reach out to your local hospital/birthing centers if they have this need (they likely do). This is a wonderful Hospital Project, please continue to participate and spread the word to Auxiliary and Non-Auxiliary Members alike. All hours will count. Preemie Angle Baby Patterns are on the banner of our website (rotating main page).


Can you believe Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner?  It has been a colder Fall here in Winston.  Our VA facilities have some requests to help gear up our Veterans not only for the temperate but also Holiday Season.  Sent items will help our VAVS Reps/Deps and Volunteers from needing to go shopping.


Portland and Roseburg VA will need the same items requested in the October article that can be found under Resources, Program Archived Articles. Roseburg really needs shoes and base layers sets.


White City has a Christmas request to support our Residential Veterans in the Rehabilitation Program.  These men and women have made a free willed decision to say "yes” to recovery and follow through will it in a facility. The parable of the camel through the eye of the needle comes to mind.  Currently there are 20 female residents. In addition of items to give to them for Christmas, our recovering Veterans need help in sending Christmas presents home to loved ones. Please send the following new items directly to the facility with attention to Volunteer Services: Glove Sets, Unisex Slippers, Ladies Gift Sets, Gift items for Teens/Ladies/Men, Wallets, and Gift Cards.  Report all values in your Hospital Report. 


For our Non-Traditional Holidays, please reference or your preferred resource. Our Ambassador’s message is to make our traditional holiday projects amazing and great. For me, it has the feel of "Make America Great Again.”  I am an FDR fan.  


Stay busy, warm, and know that I am thankful for all of you and your time.