Megan Malpass (9745)

244 Trillium Lane

Ten Mile, OR  97481




 Dear Oregon Auxiliary Family, 


It was wonderful seeing many of you at the Mid-Winter Conference in Eugene. I appreciated the opportunity to touch base, continue to learn, enjoy getting to know another, and listen to such talented youth articulate their patriotic thoughts and message in a banquet setting.



The focus of this newsletter is reviewing the Hospital Awards, Citations and the Forms associated with them. It can seem quite overwhelming. However the "W”s of Whom, What, Where and When will help. The When is the date due to yours truly (me) by March 31, 2023. I thankfully spoke incorrectly at Mid-Winter stating March 5th. If you are getting close to the skinny in time, please contact me as what to anticipate. Where these forms are- in Malta. I know not many of us are familiar to accessing the internet, downloading, saving, scanning, and emailing documents. I plan to email these documents to your secretaries also if I do not have a point of contact and communication preference for your Auxiliary Hospital Chairman. Remember to seek those near you to help, such as your line officers or family members.



The What and Whom: There are three (3) Award Categories for the service period of July 1, 2022, to March 31, 2023, that can be completed and submitted by any member. It is recommended to converse as Auxiliary to narrow this down and create less overlap. The finalists will be announced and awarded at the National Convention. Award/Citation 1: Our Ambassador’s Theme- the most outstanding innovative method of serving Hospitalized Veterans. One Auxiliary will win $25 with their citation per the four Conferences at National. Hospital Volunteer Recruiter Award: (a) Citation to one VFW Aux Member who recruited the most members. (b) Hospital Volunteer Recruiter of the Year. Outstanding Hospital Volunteer of the Year: Nomination of an VFW Aux Member who serves as a VFW Aux Hospital Volunteer in any Medical Facility. VAVS/VABS/CDCE Reps and Deputies are eligible.



Pins, Charms and Bars: for Recruiting, Sponsored Volunteers, and Aux Members must be applied for by an Aux Hospital Chairman or VAVS/VABS/CDCE Rep and signed by the appropriate Voluntary Service Program Manager/Supervisor/Chief Nurse of that facility (verify hours). All fields must be completed correctly and fully.



Certificates of Appreciation: also, in Malta. These should be distributed to all Volunteers, Support Members of projects that participated in the Hospital Program. Awarded by you, ideally before Convention.



Department Hospital Year-End Report: Although it is not due until April 5th, might as well add it in.



I am expecting to receive a good amount for the first Citation about innovative methods. With multiple Virus’ in our daily world, budget cuts, rising costs: we’ve been creative and innovative to make life work. Surely we have also with service to our Veteran and Civilian Patients.



Thank you for all that you do for this program. Looking forward to your results and celebrating them