Sonya Sallee



May 2023

Well here we are almost through another year, I can’t believe how fast these months have rolled by, we are all getting our end of the year reports done and trying to get ready for Department convention.  I always love going to convention to see people that I haven’t seen all year and make new friends.  Please think about going to convention this year.  We have lost so many members in the last couple of years and we need to keep up with our friends, it is a good place to get together and visit with old friends and talk about old times.

I know that I have talked about this before but please, when you write a check for the Department, please don’t make the check out to me.  Not only would the Internal Revenue get upset, but I have to take the check to the bank, put it in my account and then write a check to the Department for your money.  So please when you are sending a check to me for the VFW, please make out the check to "Department of OR VFWA.” It’s the way that they need to be made out please.

If you need some ideas of things to make some end of the year donations I have some really interesting ideas.  Number one is the National President’s Special Project which is the 3D Art program.  Please send the money to me with the check made out to the Department and I will get it to National.  Also the Department President has a Special Project and that is the National Home and that money you need to send to me and I will get it to the National Home.  The other thing that needs some donation is the Run to Remember.  This is the project that we are doing with the Post and it is a we really need some money for this.  We need to work with the Post on their projects and that is one that you can work on.  When you write a check for this, please send that money to Department Headquarters and they will let us know what we contributed to this fund.

I have been having some issues with some of the audits when they come in.  Before you send the audit to me, it must be read at your meeting and the members need to vote to accept your audit.  After they accept it, one of the trustees need to write on the audit sheet that it was accepted by the membership and the day that it was done.  I am getting a lot back that isn’t signed and I have to wonder if the audit has been accepted so please make sure that you do these steps with the last audit of this year and continue next year.

Thank you for all that you do and hope to see many of you at Canyonville in June.




APRIL 2023


Well the months are going really fast until the end of another year.  The years seem to go faster every time you turn around.  It just seems that we were at the Academies and its almost Spring meeting time. Make sure that you get all your reports in to the program chairman before the deadline.  We want to have Oregon shine with good reports by our auxiliaries.  All the information is on the year end report for your chairman.

Also I know that I have written about this before but I have to again because I got a lot of applications that weren’t totally filled out lately. It is not the responsibility of the Department Treasurer to make sure that all the information is on the forms.  When you send the application into National and they aren’t complete, it puts a delay in getting a new member into the auxiliary.  So before you send them to me, check them over again. The date of birth of the applicant needs to be on there that is very important and I have had them get to me without that information.  The other information that is very important is the veteran’s information.  If they belong to the post that the new member is putting in for make sure that you have their VFW number on it.  I have one that we have been waiting for months to get that information from.  Also make sure that the medals that they receive and the dates of service is on there.  I don’t need a copy of the DD214 sent to me, when the investigating committee looks at that form and signs the application, it means that you approve of the new member and the veterans paperwork is good.  Also please get the applications in a prompt amount of time, that is very important.

Please remember the National Presidents Special project, the 3D Art program and the Department Presidents special project which is the National Home.  We haven’t gotten a lot of money for Debby’s project so maybe at your next meeting you can send some money to the Department for this program.

District meetings are coming up next month, please try to go to your local meeting.  There will be information about Department and National convention at your meetings.  If you have any questions, please come to these meeting and they will help you get the answers that you may have.  I hope to see you all soon and have a great spring.