Sonya Sallee




Well next week we are leaving to go to Salt Lake City for the Western Conference.  I always like to go to this and meet other members from the Western States, learn what they are doing in their state to help their members and how they are helping their veterans.  I always learn something when we have a conference and enjoy going to them.

I was looking at the amount of audits that I have received from the auxiliaries and districts for the period that ends September 30th, 2023.  I have very few of the district audits and a lot of the auxiliary audits have not been sent to me yet.  The audits are due on October 31, 2023, according to the by-laws.  Please check your records and make sure that you have sent me a copy of your audit for my files.  Also make sure about the district audits.  If they are going to be late for some reason, please let me know. 

Please be careful with the applications that you send me, there have been a lot of mistakes made on them that I have had to fix to get them sent out.  Two of the most important things that you need to check is the auxiliary number and birthdate. You don’t know how many applications that I get that this information isn’t on the application. I shouldn’t have to guess which auxiliary is sent in the application or the applicants birth date.  Another issue that I have had is about the recruiters.  National VFWA can’t accept a Post member as a recruiter for an auxiliary member.  So, when you have a Post member as a recruiter for an auxiliary member, please put their name on the bottom of the application and Cookie and I will get them a prize and put one of your auxiliary members on the top of the application and that will go into National for an award. 

Remember Mid-Winter conference is just around the corner so please send in donations to the Scholarship programs.  We really need some more money for these programs to be successful this year.  Thank you all for the donations that you have sent so far, you are doing well.