Valerie West
221 NE Peggy Avenue
Roseburg, OR  97470
 Dear Auxiliary Members,

Boy where has the time gone. Lots of things were happening these last months. Between Voice of Democracy, Patriots Pen, Veterans Day, Operation Home Front and the holidays time went extremely quick. On top of that there were illnesses, injuries that I am just now healing
from, I can now focus on Midwinter and your reports.
Thank you for all of you who have been turning in your reports. You have been extremely
busy. Our Post and Auxiliary will be extremely busy again these next few months as we are getting ready to open our kitchen next month after all the remodeling done. We are going to also be having movie nights
and game nights hoping to bring Veterans who need some company. 

Make sure you are mentioning National Home to your Auxiliary and of course you know how important our Buddy Poppy Program is. As our Post and Auxiliary are doing the Home Show again this year we will be giving information about the National Home and how important that place is to needy Veterans and their families. We will also be doing Buddy Poppies. We have been asked many times how the Buddy Poppy helps Veterans and how it became. We let them know about Flanders Field as well as what it is used for. We usually do pretty well as all of our Post and Auxiliary Members know the history.

Keep up the good work and I will see you all at Midwinter.
 Dear Sisters and Brothers:
A lot has been happening these couple of months.
On August 12th there was a Past VFW National Home Kids reunite for an evening of Reminiscing. There were 60 men and women who grew up at the National Home. The dates if residency was from 1955- 1985. They came from all over the United States.
Our VFW Buddy Poppy Child is Layla. She is 12 years old and resides with her mother and brothers in the Illinois 2 House. It touched my heart when she said she loves living there because she and her family are safe there. This just tells us just how important the VFW National Home is to each resident that resides there.
Do you know how you can help the National Home? Become a life member. The cost is 50.00. This includes the voting right for who the leaders will be.  One important thing they are trying to raise money for is a Convenience Store as it is miles away from the nearest store.
It is getting close to Veterans Day so many of you are scheduling Buddy Poppy drives. If you need some make sure you order them. Did you know you can schedule a Buddy Poppy Drive at any time. It does not need to be close to a Veterans Holiday. Some of you have been sending me your monthly reports and I am thanking you for them. A lot of you have been busy. Way to go.
Hope you all have a Happy Halloween