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 Brothers and Sisters, 

Did you know that January is the month of Mentoring. Being a mentor is a rewarding part of being in a wonderful organization such as the VFW Auxiliary. Sharing your knowledge of programs and life experiences, helps your mentee become confident in a new role. 


All members should remember when you vote someone new into a leadership role, please insure they have several mentors to help them navigate and be successful. The auxiliary is a team of volunteers, and we should all be encouraging each other with positive thoughts and feedback. If you don’t agree with the way they are doing something, show them how you learned, make sure it hasn’t changed in the bylaws and discuss it in a respectful and educational way so everyone can learn. 


Soon we will be electing officers for 2024-2025. Now is the time to get your members thinking about what leadership role they would like to have in the coming year. This gives them time to read up on the different leadership positions or chairmanships they would like to lead. Take time to find out what your members are passionate about and have them start shadowing your current leaders in those roles. 


From the National VFWA Facebook Page 



January is National Mentoring Month! 

This is a month dedicated to celebrating mentors, learning how to be a good mentor, promoting the importance of mentorship and more. 

We at VFW Auxiliary National Headquarters know how invaluable mentors are to our membership. This month, we will be bringing you reminders about both VFW Auxiliary Magazine Member Spotlights, the Mentoring for Leadership Program and related awards, ideas for how to thank the mentors in your life and tips for being the best mentor you can be. 

Is there a wonderful mentor in your Auxiliary? Let us know. Happy National Mentoring Month! 


Tracy’s Mentoring Challenge 

I have a challenge for every Oregon Auxiliary from now to Mid-Winter Conference. Please share what you are you are doing to mentor your new members from the time they are voted in, to every meeting and function they attend. How are you including them and making them feel welcome? Share in your report from now until January and the best idea will receive an award. 


Keep up the excellent work and keep those reports coming in.