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MAY 2023-B
District President Information can be found in the Bylaws Article V Districts Sections 501-511 and in in the Building of the VFW Auxiliary Foundation – Officer's Duties on page 8-12 and The Official Visits Guidelines and Expectations.


As District President your attitude sets the tone of the meeting and the year. Be positive and gentle but firm if needed to be. Don't forget to use the gavel if necessary.

 District Presidents need to be on time, knowledgeable, and willing to learn. They need to be able to teach others where the answers are and to mentor members so that they also will achieve what needs to be done.

Get familiar with MALTA, the National website and the Oregon website You will find the much needed resources that will assist you in your position as the President of a District.

 District President's appoint a Secretary who is willing to do their job with professionalism and according to the Bylaws and Building on the VFW Auxiliary Foundation guidelines.

 You can sign up for the e-newsletter at It will have up-to-date information on many subjects and keeps you connected to VFW Auxiliary National Headquarters. VFW Auxiliary Magazine comes out every other month starting in January and has information and inspiring stories. Be sure to share your District's story from an event or project with National Headquarters to



 MAY 2023
Stand Rules

Building on the VFW Auxiliary Foundation page 28 you will find some information dealing with this subject. Also read Section 211 – Standing Rules (Auxiliaries, County Councils, Districts and Departments) on page 31 and 32 of the Bylaw and Ritual.

 Purpose: To establish guides for specified operations, activities, events, expenses and disbursements between Auxiliary meetings. Often Standing Rules contain the information for the Treasurer to use as a guide in reimbursing members or donations per the amount allowed in the budget. They may state what to pay, when and to whom.

 You will find out who may have standing rules by referring to Article ll, Sec. 211 in the Bylaws. These standing rules should not conflict with the National or Department Bylaws, It is suggested that Standing Rules are revised annually and become effective immediately.

 Standing Rules may contain general operating procedures, for example

•     What travel may be reimbursed and how much

•     Department or District dues amounts

•     Officer's duties

•     Annual donations

•     Pay the Post Office Box when due as long as the amount is the same

 These may be amended, modified or rescinded at any meeting.

Get familiar with these resources and teach others. This can go on a report form under MENTORING. Remember to report to your Department Chairman.


March 2023

"Nothing is working,” said Rabbit.

"Have you tried unplugging?” asked Bear.

"I don’t plug in anywhere.” Said Rabbit.

"Yes, you do,” said Bear. You’re plugged into the world

around you.

"Oh” said Rabbit, giving this some thought. "How do I unplug?

"Close your eyes, let your muscles relax and listen only to the

sound of yourself breathing in and out.” Said Bear.

A􀅌er a while, when you feel ready, plug back in, and try again.

It has been a long winter and I think we can all use the above

advice to get us ready and moving for spring and our Veterans.

And will maybe help us all be nicer to another and have a happier


Remember = We don’t have to have a Title to lead. We just need to care.

People would rather follow a leader with a heart than a leader

with a 􀆟tle.

Keep up the good work you are doing for the Veterans and Auxiliary.

Thank you for all you do.

Loyally; Jessie Stober Mentoring Chairman